My name is Bruce and it was my pleasure last summer to have a friend of mine introduce me to Larry. We talked for an afternoon at the beach and got to know a little about each other and our mutual interest in the Spiritual life. Since that time I have had several sessions with Larry that have been very enlightening, inspiring, healing, and guiding. If you need, want, or are even just curious about the Mind - Body - Spirit  experience,  Larry is a great person to spend time with and your life will be enriched.  He has the experience, knowledge and communication skills to help in all the aspects of your life. I will talk and visit him again and again.
I have received treatment from Larry Fisher for a variety of physical and emotional issues. At first I was quite skeptical because I had never had treatment outside of the American Medical System. I met Larry when I was out walking and later we chatted. I told him my entire story. I left nothing out. He explained to me that he did Reike as form of healing. I thought why not, it certainly can't hurt and quite frankly nobody else has really been able to help me. So I went for the free consultative session.

It was an emotional but amazing experience. I was tired and relaxed after the treatment, but the next day, I felt amazing. During that session, Larry was able to help me remove a lot of emotional baggage. I had a few more sessions with him, and was eventually able to come off the medications that I had taken for 10 years. I am much happier now without them because while they dampened the anxiety, they also dampened my joy.

I have also seen Larry on several occasions for lumbar back pain secondary to an old disk injury. Larry utilized a similar type of treatment, but this time I could feel the healing energy move up my body. I generally get some immediate pain relief and after 3 days the pain is usually gone. At the present time I am working with Larry on my nutrition and binge eating disorder. I do not have any progress to report at this given time, but am quite hopeful!!! Some people might consider this all a little "out there". I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do this, but I am very glad that I did!!! It's working for me!!! Donna 
I am a 69 year old woman and came to Larry through a recommendation of several friends for my back and general wellness tune up. Larry has been a blessing to my back pain, health, and spiritual growth. He is genuine, caring, and knows his client and their needs well. He is a great listener and a heart-felt healer. He really cares for his clients and their healing and has the means to tap in to what is blocking you and your health. You will come away with a lot more than you expected, I did.

I have known Larry Fisher for approximately one year and during this time I have found him to be a man of great integrity and honor. On a professional level he is a forward thinking individual who grasps life’s opportunities and brings them to fruition in a financially responsible manner to the benefit of his community. My personal relationship to Larry has been one of continuing admiration. I am full of appreciation of all life’s blessings …. family, friends, health, and prosperity. It has been and continues to be a wonderful journey. But, it has been a journey where I have felt things, and sensed things, that I could not explain and that others could not understand. And then, on this journey you meet someone who puts all these feelings and sensations into perspective; someone who can give meaning to what was previously un-explainable and can teach and encourage you to consider these feelings and sensations as gifts to be used to help others. And then your life changes. For me, this person is Larry Fisher. From the moment our paths crossed I was immediately enveloped in an uplifting peace. Since then Larry has become a wonderful friend and an important part of my life. He continues to teach me and support my growth as an individual. If one was to put a face on holiness, it would be that of Larry Fisher. Sally