The foundation of my work is the understanding and application of the Universal Law of Unity/Oneness. I incorporate a number of healing disciplines and, modalities that work in harmony to help you co-create your personal path to healing.


I base my practice on Edgar Cayce, who concluded that one of the principal benefits of massage is to coordinate the nervous systems. Massage is also important for soft tissue manipulation and relaxation.
Besides massage, I utilize reflexology, connective tissue reflex massage, applied kinesiology, and reiki.

Understanding the cerebrospinal and sympathetic centers

The Sympathetic Nervous System controls all functions in a stressed environment such as Fight or Flight or Freeze. The Parasympathetic allows controls the functions of Non-Stress/relaxing environments such as, Wine and Dine, Digestion, heart rate, dilation of the eyes.
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Use of different oils and their benefits

The 3 main oils for the therapy that I provide are, Peanut, used for all forms of constriction including muscles, skeletal, any form of arthritis, and help and type of circulation. Olive oil, for anything having to do with skin and muscles. Castor Oil - Palma de Christi, for lymph flow, congestion, inflammation, adhesions, constipation, and organs to name a few.
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Meditation It's the hardest part of growing into your spirituality.

“The voice chattering inside of me all the time is like a parrot. So I asked how do I quiet a parrot and the answer came back ~ Put a blanket over the cage so that it goes to sleep. Then I could take it of just to say hello parrot how are you doing.  If it does not behave I put the blanket over again.”  

Podcasts are coming for beginner, intermediate and advanced meditation techniques.


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