About unity center
for Healing and Spirituality

Larry's Vision is to create a unique retreat that, in combination with location and healing approaches, will be a perfect place for healing to take place.

The Body~Mind~Spirit Connection
Unity Healing and Spiritual Center
Phase One
Preliminary information and pictures 31 Jul 2018

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Costa Rica Mobile and WhatsApp: +506 8426 8561

Location and topography – Lower acreage of residence, below the tire-based retaining wall, parallel to the public road, Calle Valverde, San Pedro, San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The land is hilly and is well suited for the use of concrete pillar-based construction such as provided by ECO GRUPO of San Ramon.

The healing and spiritual center, hereinafter “Center” is non-denominational and is not connected in any way to any religious group or faction. All training, healing and spiritual guidance is based on the Edgar Cayce readings and the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and is provided by conduits or channels of the One Infinite Creator. Healing is encouraged by the use of medicinal plants, their various derivatives, multiple massage techniques, and varied modalities of the ancient healing arts, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to include acupressure, Reiki, Chi and Qi modalities for the balancing of chakra energies, exercise such as Qigong and Taichi, herbology and nutrition.

Based on the available acreage, the maximum size of the first floor is 25 meters length by 10 meters depth/width, providing 250 gross square meters.  The Center will contain rooms for training, education, group gathering, healing, administration, executive offices, library, and special use such as hydrotherapy and vibratory and light therapy. It will also provide general education in nutrition, exercise, and meditation.

The property on which the Center is located also has a protected area for the flora and fauna which is specific to this geographical area. It has been maintained for a number of years and continues to be developed by the planting of fruit trees which are necessary for the animals, birds and insects which are indigenous to the Central Valley of Costa Rica, and the many medicinal plants that Costa Rica offers. The Center will be connected to this area, called Sendero, by two wooden footbridges which crossover the natural drainage area that is sometimes flooded during the rainy season. The Sendero offers those who visit the Center a place to get in touch with nature, view and learn the uses of the medicinal plants,  and solitude in which to practice meditation.

The first stage of construction will consist of a first floor of 250 square meters, which will include, an education and training room or rooms sufficient to accommodate 12 to 15 standard massage tables or a combination of up to 25 individuals with the tables arranged against the walls.  Refer to pictures entitled Training room 1, 2, and 3 for open space planning. This training room will be served by separate bathroom facilities.  Women’s – (4) toilets and (3) sinks w H/C water. Men’s – (2) urinals, (2) toilets and (3) sinks w H/C water.

Where possible, natural building materials, as well as the use of natural lighting via solar tunnel or tube shall be used. Skylights and window walls shall be incorporated to minimize the usage of electricity. Further, solar power shall be used to the extent possible for exterior lighting and as a primary source of electricity during the dry season. 

To the extent possible and in order to achieve multi use of all rooms except for bathrooms, storage closets, and hydrotherapy facilities, the design shall be a combination of Swedish/Danish modern and Japanese style movable walls via glass and track dividers.  The design will further incorporate air flow optimization to maintain a cooler rather than warmer temperature as provided by ECO DISENOS.

Phase Two will incorporate special areas and equipment for hydrotherapy and light therapy, and increase the meeting area to include a stage and associated equipment.