guesthouse at Unity Center

This lovely home in the hills of San Pedro, Costa Rica, a few minutes’ drive from the center of San Ramon and the University of Costa Rica, is fully equipped for up to 6 visitors and is connected to Larry's home and Unity Center for Healing and Spirituality by a staircase or by a short three - minute walk or ride down a private road.

This is where you will stay when you have decided to take your health, well-being, and longevity into your own hands by allowing Larry, a conduit of the Creator’s Love and Light, to provide you with the Universal Life Force, and his extensive knowledge of self-healing modalities for any
so-called dis-ease or illness that you believe that you have, whether it be of the Body, Mind, or Spirit.

Your quoted price includes: rental, utilities including groceries specific to your needs, pick-up from and return to the airport and local transportation as is necessary for your treatment, multiple sessions with Larry as is determined, daily nutritional and spiritual guidance and counseling, and each weekend, a special breakfast with Larry.

Regardless of the length of your stay, you will return home with a new perspective of who and what you are, and the understanding that with the Creator’s Love and Light, nothing is incurable and nothing is impossible.

Contacts for Larry:

Email: info |at|

U.S. toll-free: 202 844-2060

Costa Rica Cell/WhatsApp 506 8426 8561

Directions to:
Unity Center for Healing and spirituality

  •  Highway 1 NORTH towards Puntarenas - San Ramon entrance on right.
  • Enter San Ramon and PASS MALL on right.
  • Left at first light.
  • Bear right at 2rd light UP the hill.
  • Bear right/turn right at the top before the road color changes and gets skinny.
  • follow back down and make a left at the light. this is ruta 742 and goes in front of the University of Costa Rica campus
  • count 4 speed bumps and make left onto Calle Valverde. on the left is the bus station, a little soda, the grey gymnasium AND the police station. it is an all concrete road
  • stay on the concrete road until you go over a little yellow single lane bridge (you have right of way) and see a bus kiosk on your right with a Cafe de Altura sign
  • turn left up the next driveway, go through the two painted columns with the Sun  
  • Body Mind Spirit Connection is first driveway on right
  • Your House is the second house on the right -  
  • Welcome!