Larry's path

an ordinary human being with a gift to heal

Larry, a conduit of the Creator’s Love and Light, provides the Universal Life Force, and his extensive knowledge of self-healing modalities to heal any so-called dis-ease that you believe that you have, whether it be of the Body, Mind, or Spirit. With the Creator’s Love and Light, nothing is incurable and nothing is impossible. "conventional/western/modern and holistic/evidence based/time proven paths."

A survivor of multiple near-death experiences, Larry gains inspiration from Edgar Cayce and the Universal Law of Unity/Oneness.

His path to finding the truth about healing came when he realized his own healing abilities. This truth is what has made him what he is today.

Larry is the developer of the Body, Mind and Spirit (BMS) Lifestyle program, and founding director of The International Association of Body~Mind~Spirit Practitioners (IABMSP).

IABMSP facilitates the paradigm shift from the conventional standard-or-care to a synergistic, conventional and holistic standard-of-care for humanity, through integration and collective voice for all non-allopathic and allopathic practitioners.

IABMSP further facilitates freedom of access for clients and patients to choose their caregivers, therapies, modalities, medicine and practitioners without political, judicial or financial bias.

Larry is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist.


  • Vodder System of Lymphatic Therapy - Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS)
  • 2016 Candidate in manual lymphatic drainage and complete decongestive therapy
  • Licensed Massage therapist, certified by the Virginia Board for Massage Therapy with a focus on body|mind|spirit connection as holistic and on meditation and spirituality, based on Edgar Cayce
  • NASM Certified personal trainer
  • Reiki master, Usui method
  • Mount Sinai and Stanford Schools of Medicine - focus on the human body and inner physiology


  • Personal Trainer
  • Certified Massage Therapist - Board of Nursing, Dept of Health, Commonwealth of Virginia

Organization memberships:

  • EC Foundation
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment

Larry is also the author (under the pen name of Lars Poissonet) of
The Non-Government-Approved (NGA) Plan for Health and Longevity, which is a free e-book that you can download here.

Larry originated and developed
The Fisher Method (TFM), a non-adhesive and non-traumatic method of securing applicable wound dressings.

You can find further information about TFM by following this link.